Birdwatching, A Place Inside of Me + Resource Round-Up 4/29

Counselor Corner  /  News & Events handmade sign warns students and staff to give space to nesting juncos next to a blurry picture of one of said juncos

Y’all. We have a new family at Lincoln Park! A pair of Oregon Juncos has built a nest in the undergrowth behind the hugulkultur. I’m not sure where they are in the nesting cycle, but if you’re quiet and patient in the courtyard, you’ll see them scratching for insects on the ground or keeping an eye on you from the branches of the willow tree. The other day, I walked by and the female had just caught her mid-morning snack not 10 feet away from where a group of students was doing some al fresco reading. What a magical memory!

If you have or know a child who will be 5 in September, now is the time to register for kindergarten. For families of 5th graders, your student has the following in the šŸ’šCounselor CorneršŸ’š+šŸ«Middle SchoolšŸ« topic in their Google Classroom:

  • A link to the website middle school they will attend (based on current address)
  • Middle School Questions & Answers
  • Schedule and Map activity we did this week
  • [coming next week] presentation/video middle school “visit”
  • [coming next week] forecasting forms
  • your student will be selecting their elective (band, orchestra, choir, etc) using this form next week

In the weeks to come, we will also be learning how open locks, use a planner, make new friends and generally answer questions and ease worries about moving up in the world. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or updates about middle school plans you might have.

This week’s story is A Place Inside of Me, by Zetta Elliot and Noa Denmon. Dr. Elliot’s powerful poetry is beautifully woven with incredible illustrations from Ms. Denmon. Each time I read, I find something new to wonder at and I’m not going to lie, I had to read it out loud a few times before I could keep my voice steady. The power of words and pictures never ceases to amaze me and it is no wonder this book was selected for a Caldecott Honor. After you read, take a minute to listen in, deep down inside of you – what do you notice?

Resource Round-Up 4/29

  • Lincoln Park community:  SUN Family Need Request form for help with safety net and other services. 
  • Multiple BIPOC/LGBTQ+ COVID-19 vaccination events coming up in the metro area 4/28-5/15.  Email for registration and other info.  
  • Some opportunities from the Rosewood Initiative
    • ROSEWOOD LEGAL SERVICES DAY – Virtual Legal Services Day – May 3rd-May 9th. Flyer – please share! For more info –  RW Legal Services Day. This is where the application will be posted when it goes live
    • COVID-19 VACCINE CLINICS – Starting Saturday, May 1st, we will be partnering with Multnomah County REACH and Providence to host COVID-19 vaccine clinics every Saturday at Rosewood 
    •  Questions about Legal Services Day or the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics, please contact Jossie de la Garza, Communications Director at
  • COVID-19 messaging that supports vaccine confidence from NRC-RIM. Click here for more information.
  • Medical and Health resources in different languages. Click here.
  • Race Talks discussion, A Step Towards Justice: Where Do We Go From Here? Tomorrow from 6-8:30pm. Click here for more information.
  • Testimony Training (legislative session)
    If you are a community member and/or work for a community-based organization and are interested in learning more about how to give testimony, we invite you to attend a testimony training on May 6th from 3-4:30 pm.  We welcome community members who have a lot or little experience in advocacy work.  We will outline the core components of giving testimony as well as practice telling our stories through testimony.
    If you are interested, please RSVP here!
  • City of Portland Language Resources: Videos in multiple languages
  • Urgent Dental Clinic: May 7th, Village Church in Beaverton (PDF)
  • New OHA video for vaccine information for 16 years old and up. Click here.