Kids Reading Chart

Kids & Family Reading Report

Scholastic just released the 5th Kids & Family Reading Report. Some highlights Kids like to read books that make them laugh Kids like being read to/with, even after they’re old enough to read independently on their own Kids see reading with their parents as “special time” together Kids are reading more ebooks than in years past,…

Sleeping Lion


Sleep makes the world go ’round, my friends.  Without it, we have trouble focusing, are cranky, irritable and more likely to get sick.  Lack of sleep makes it hard for brains and bodies to grow. Children need 10-11 hours of sleep every night.  If you wake up at 7:30, the wind-down should start around…

Rock, Paper, Scissors!

This week’s Conflict Resolution Strategy is Rock, Paper, Scissors (roshambo). This strategy works best to solve a conflict when two people want the same thing, like a spot in line, the “good eraser” or to pick a game. When using Rock, Paper, Scissors to resolve a conflict, problem-solvers chant “Rock, Paper,…

9/11/14 – cooperation!

Cooperation is the name of the game this month!   As I pass through the halls, I see many examples of cooperation, of students, teachers and families helping eachother.  We have lots of new students and new teachers – everyone has been working together to make them feel welcome and ready for adventure!…


I’m looking forward to another year of adventure and awesomesauce!   Start practicing your school routine so you’re on time for the first day of school – and EVERY day this year ; ) – see you soon! -Ms. Snyder  

25 ways to ask kids about their day

TIRED OF…. How was your day?            ….fine What did you do?           …..nothing What did you learn?           ….shrug TRY THESE INSTEAD! Thanks to: