Check out our BEAUTIFUL new art glass mural!

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Yeah, It’s Done!

Dan Burkhardt is the hero of the day. Over spring break while the rest of us were enjoying time for goofing off, he was hard at work hanging the masterpiece created by the Lincoln Park glass artists. He is a true craftsman.

First he designed and built the three frames, then he precisely laid out the eye bolts (I know that must have taken a ton of math) where the cables would attach. After welding all those eye bolts, he coated the entire thing with a clear coat to protect the metal from rust.


Then he bolted the frames to the building in front of the windows.










This close-up shows the eye bolts welded to the steel frame.

Here is a longer view of one of the installed frames.

Before hanging the glass, he built a jig, which is defined as “a device used to maintain mechanically, the correct positional relationship of… parts of work during assembly. ” A jig can also be a dance, which is what I did when I saw the panels being hung. The jig allowed him to hang the pieces in straight rows. He also took the extra step of covering the bottom connections with shrink tubing giving the project a very finished appearance. If you are worried that the windows can never again be washed, that issue was solved by adding turnbuckles (shown in the second picture) at the top of the cables, allowing the panels to be hung down and the window washers to wash the windows.













The very clever jig. There is no picture of my jig.














Panel 1-A sliding on its cables then Dan attaches the crimp sleeves that will hold it in place.














Panel 1-B slides in place and the crimps are attached with a perfectly spaced gap provided by the jig, then 1-C slides in place.













The bottom crimps are added. Dan has left plenty of extra cable he will use to attach the panels to the bottom eye bolts.













Here is the first column hanging in place. One down 31 more to go.

Here they are all done and hanging.  With the sun shining behind the panels, the camera gets confused about where to focus, so some parts of the picture looks darker than the rest. I encourage you to visit the masterpiece in person because it is AMAZING!

A huge thank you to everyone involved from the talented and hard-working student-artists at Lincoln Park who ran their hearts out to raise money to pay for this project and the generous backing of the East Portland Action Plan, Teachers and Staff of Lincoln Park, the David Douglas School District and clever and gifted Dan Burkhardt. You are all awesome!!!

Lisa Wilcke,

Fused-glass teaching artist

Rad more of the story of our mural here: