Activities to do while we #StayHome

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Hello Lincoln Park Families,

If you haven’t already, connect with your child’s teacher via email or Remind for updates and ideas for learning at home.

As you #StayHome with your students, here are some things you can do to help students with this transition:

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule! Sleep is important for children. Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule, even when school is not in session.
  • Encourage daily reading, some activities might be children reading with adults, with siblings, or on their own. 
  • Set a daily routine with consistent expectations.
  • Give your children home responsibilities – when everyone is feeling uneasy, it can help to know you are doing something to help your family.
  • Share family traditions, recipes and crafts with your children.

Here is the district’s page for family resources during the shutdown.

Here are some story videos you can watch together (you can find more on Ms. Snyder’s YouTube, Ms. Ceci’s YouTube, or check out the Counselor’s Corner):

Ms. Ceci & Ms. Snyder read Gracias, Thanks
Ms. Ceci and Ms. Snyder read Call Me Tree
Mrs. O’Shea reads Children of the World

And a calming craft to make (with parent approval, of course!)

Ms. Snyder shows you how to make a glitter jar! (What is that face!?!?!?!)

Note from Ms. Snyder – sorry for the unintentional sponcon! You can use any kind of corn syrup – or even just glue (but it helps to use hot water to melt the glue into the water a little faster).

Students are also welcome to watch the videos we made last summer on the #StorytimeLP playlist on David Douglas YouTube.

Keep kids moving and growing with Go Noodle’s Good Energy At Home. Students can watch, move along with and learn from the videos, each of which has a suggested follow-up activity to extend learning or exploration.

Another school counselor, Counselor Keri, made a tip sheet for her students. She has graciously given me permission to share it with you while schools are closed. The first page has information about COVID-19 and the second page has self care strategies for children (they’re good for adults, too!)

Coronavirus information and worry tips from Counselor Keri

Take care, lions! We look forward to seeing you soon ❤️🦁❤️