Garden With Us! (11/9)

Counselor Corner  /  News & Events  /  SUN School Garden gloves resting on edge of raised bed with peas growing in it

On Friday, November 9th, please come by the LP Garden to help us put in our new (yay) raised beds and get the garden ready for winter.


  • Time: 10:30-1:00
  • Activities
    • Help to fill new beds with soil
    • Plant flower bulbs and herbs
    • Mulch paths between beds
  • Kids & families welcome!  Come for any amount of time between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm
  • Meet in the garden
  • Bring a water bottle and dress for potentially wet/cold weather
  • Feel free to bring garden tools if you have them- but we should have most of what we need.

Thank you!