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Ms. Sadie’s Cooking Class

By :Misgana Merid, Luis Resendiz Mendoza, Marti Gemachu


Here on Sun Spotlight today, we are interviewing Lincoln Park’s

one and only cooking class with Mrs. Sadie.

Here are some interesting facts about Mrs. Sadie.

The reason why Mrs. Sadie’s a great cook is because she pays

attention to recipes. What inspired her to do cooking is because

students love to cook too. She learned how to cook by herself!

How amazing!

She loves to cook soup because it is easy to make and

it’s healthy. The reason why she teaches kids how to cook is because

she wants kids to find something healthy to eat. In her cooking class,

she usually tries to teach kids new things she never made before. Her

recipes have been past down from generations but she doesn’t teach

them to her class.



—-Teacher Feature—-

Mr. Hewitt

By: Lorena Michel Diaz, Amyah McGee, Amela Trnovac


This week our Sun Bloggers interviewed Mr. Hewitt as the premier teacher feature! Check out these awesome, little-known facts about this Lincoln Park Third Grade Teacher:

If Mr. Hewitt had a pet he would like a pink dinosaur named fluffy

If he could, Mr. Hewitt  would live in Utah and go on a kayak

If he had ninja powers they would be invisibility.

His favorite animal is a cow. Because cows are lazy and sleep all day.

His  favorite  sports car is a pink Ferrari.






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