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ferr016 Ms. Ferro

Room 13


Hello!  My name is Jenny Ferro and I will be teaching Kindergarten at Lincoln Park this year.  This will be my 9th year of teaching in the David Douglas School District.  I have taught 4 years at first grade and 5 years at Kindergarten.  My favorite part of teaching Kindergarten is watching my young students come in full of energy and eagerness for learning.  In Spring, they leave me ready to conquer the world!  When I am not at school hanging out with Kindergartners, I am at my house working in my garden, playing with my dogs Miles and Cedar, out riding my horse Brando, or traveling with my partner Jeremy.  I love hiking and being outdoors with my family and friends.  I look forward to this school year and watching all my students grow, learn, and develop into responsible and productive citizens!


Mrs. Stassek Mrs. Stassek

Room 15


Kindergarten is AWESOME!  Hiya!  My name is Mrs. Stassek [stas-ik].  I am thrilled to be roaring loudly at Lincoln Park Elementary!  This is my third year teaching Kinders; 8th year working in DDSD in a variety of roles.  I love Kindergarten the most because there is such a tremendous amount of growth; tons of light bulb moments.  My first career was in broadcasting, as a Program Director and On-Air Talent at radio stations back home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; I was also On-Air at KUPL and KUFO here in Portland.  Favorites = my husband, my dogs, Green Bay Packers, Portland Trail Blazers, gluten free cupcakes, Michigan State, snow, reading, and laughing!  In Kindergarten, we laugh a lot.  It is NEVER dull and boring.  Learning is THE BEST!
Ms. Niemeyer Ms. Niemeyer

Room 12


As a young girl, I can remember wanting to be a teacher. Now that my dream has come true, I am able to encourage boys and girls to expand their knowledge. It has been an awesome journey. I have had the privilege of teaching at Lincoln Park School for 15 years! Currently, I am teaching Kindergarten. As a teacher, it is exciting to see the academic growth the students make each year.


Mrs. Miller Mrs. Miller

Room 14


My name is Tess Miller. I was born and raised in the Philippines. Social work was my first career, having worked as a medical social worker in the VA Hospital in the Philippines. When I came here in the U.S. I worked as a medical eligibility caseworker for the AZ. Long Term Care Services. I went back to school and earned a second degree from ASU and became a teacher. Teaching gives me true joy. I have been teaching Kindergarten for 16 years and still enjoy its challenges and rewards. I find it rewarding when the students and I go down the same path of discovery and learning.


Mr. Stelmakov Mr. Stelmakov

Room 19

1st Grade

Hello! My name is Ed Stelmakov. I come from the country of Belarus. I went to a language/teacher preparation college in my native country, taught English to second graders for one year, immigrated to America in 1993, went to Pacific University to get an American teacher’s license, and have been a Lincoln Park teacher since 2000: first, as an ESL teacher, and, for the last three years, as a first grade teacher. I speak English, Russian, French, and a little Spanish. I like working with elementary school children because they are fun. I still feel young at heart myself. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Gibson Mrs. Gibson

Room 17

1st Grade

Hello! My name is Devon Gibson and I teach First grade. This year will be my 9th year teaching at Lincoln Park. I think First grade is the best grade to teach. In my free time I am chasing after my two young boys and trying to catch up with my BFF sleep!


Mrs. Pyne Mrs. Pyne

Room 17

1st Grade

Hello! My name is Mrs. Pyne. I teach first grade. I’ve been a teacher for 16 years. I’ve taught first grade, fourth grade, and sixth grade. I love teaching because of the relationships that are built within a classroom. In my free time I like to ride bikes and plant flowers in my yard.


Ms. Barnett Ms. Barnett

Room 18

1st Grade

Hello! My name is Sarah Barnett, and I love teaching first grade. I’ve been teaching at Lincoln Park for 16 years, the first year in kindergarten and the rest all in first grade. It is wonderful to watch all the amazing growth students make in their first grade year. In my spare time I like to hike, visit with friends, and spend time with my family.


Mrs. Muller Mrs. Muller

Room 16

1st Grade

My name is Theresa Muller and I’m proud to have been a LP Lion for the past 20 years! I currently teach first grade and have been for 12 years. I previously taught kindergarten for 8 years. I believe that every child has the potential for success. To me, this potential is so exciting! Each new year presents new challenges and successes. This is what drives me to teach, and why I love it! At home, I enjoy gardening, spending time with my husband and 14 year old daughter, and visiting my son at the U of O! Go Ducks and Go Lincoln Park Lions!


Mrs. Adrian Mrs. Adrian

Room 20

2nd Grade


Hello! My name is Janelle Adrian and I love teaching. This is my 13th year teaching at Lincoln Park. I have been a reading specialist, a 2/3 blend teacher and this is my fourth year teaching second grade. When I am not at school I love traveling with my husband, hanging out with my family, camping, wakeboarding, quilting and reading. I have a special place in my heart for the David Douglas schools since all four of our kids went through and graduated from David Douglas.


Mr. Harrison Mr. Harrison

Room 21

2nd Grade

Hello, my name is John Harrison and I teach 2nd grade. I’ve been teaching at Lincoln Park for 8 years. I have previously taught 3, 5 and 1st grade. The chance to connect with kids and their parents is the reason that I enjoy teaching so much. In my free time I enjoy cycling and reading…. never at the same time.
Ms. Vala Ms. Vala

Room 25

2nd Grade

Hello. I am Ms. Vala, and I teach Second Grade.   This will be my fourteenth year at Lincoln Park! Each year, I look forward to helping my new second graders practice what they already know and continue to learn new skills. Go Lions!
Ms. Alonzo Ms. Alonzo

Room 28

2nd Grade

Hi, my name is Erin Alonzo and I am so excited to be teaching second grade at Lincoln Park this year. My husband, Brock, and I just spent the last year living in San Diego while he completed his internship of residency. Although we miss the warm, sunny beach, we are so happy to be back in Portland! During my time in San Diego, I taught kindergarten and first grade at a dual language charter school. When I’m not at school, I love to cook, run, and explore Portland with my husband. We also love visiting our families in our hometown, Missoula, Montana. I absolutely love teaching! Helping instill a love for learning in each child is rewarding and exciting. I’m looking forward to a great year together in second grade!
Ms. Bennison Ms. Bennison

Room 26

3rd Grade

Hello! My name is Molly Bennison and I am so thrilled to be teaching third grade this year at Lincoln Park. I grew up in Portland and attended school at University of Oregon where I studied International Studies and Spanish. After working for the SUN program for a couple years, I moved to Chicago where I completed my Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Chicago. I am glad to be back in Oregon, where I am close to family and the beautiful outdoors. I enjoy reading, yoga, hiking, running, riding my bike, traveling, making crafts, and spending time with loved ones. I look forward to a fantastic year of learning and growth with third grade!
Ms. Robinson Ms. Robinson

Room 23

3rd Grade

Hi there, my name is Amanda Robinson.
I am new to Portland and thrilled to be a member of the Lincoln Park community. My background is in Special Education, working with kids on the Autism Spectrum aged 2 years to 22 years. Prior to Lincoln Park, I taught life skills and communication to a diverse community of special needs students in Richmond, CA. From there I moved to New York City to receive my Masters degree. While there I taught 5th graders in a full-inclusion classroom in beautiful Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I am now here at Lincoln Park and excited to teach and learn with a diverse group of brilliant 3rd graders! I came to teaching because I have a strong belief in equality, community, and empowering children to be their best selves.
Outside of the classroom, I enjoy traveling to foreign countries, SCUBA diving, camping, and making things with my hands. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello. My door is always open.
Miss. Chizum Miss. Chizum

Room 24

3rd Grade

Hello! My name is Miss Chizum and I teach third grade at Lincoln Park. I am excited to start my first year of teaching! My favorite part about teaching is building relationships with my students. In my free time I enjoy running, playing volleyball and spending time with my family.


Mr. Hewitt Mr. Hewitt

Room 22

3rd Grade



Hello! I’m Will Hewitt and I’ve taught second and third grade here at Lincoln Park going on ten years now. I studied Elementary Education at the University of Oregon and at Concordia University. I love being a teacher because of the chance to be able to help students feel empowered, learn to work together, set high goals for themselves and realize their special potential. This is an amazing school with amazing teachers! Outside of school I enjoy reading, journaling, traveling, exercising, playing basketball, watching sports and spending time with my wife Bethany and my two sons, Grayson and Josiah. Win the Day! and Lion’s ROAR!
Mrs. Huntley Mrs. Huntley

Room 4

4th Grade

Hello, I’m Casey Huntley-Sinigaglia.  This is my 17th year teaching fourth grade in Oregon. I have a passion for teaching and love to do art projects with my class.  When not in the classroom I enjoy spending time outdoors in our beautiful state with my husband and two sons.  Go Lions!
Mrs. Casey Mrs. Casey

Room 2

4th Grade

Hello. My name is Mrs. Casey and I teach 4th grade. I have been teaching since 1989 and all at Lincoln Park.   I even attended Lincoln Park as a child in the 1960’s. I love working with students, helping them learning and seeing that light bulb turn on for them. When I am not working I love to travel, play with the dog and hang out with my husband. I am looking forward to a great year of school.
Mrs. O'shea Mrs. O’Shea

Room 7

4th Grade

Hi! I’m Angela O’Shea and this is my third year teaching fourth grade at Lincoln Park. I became a teacher because I love helping students discover their passion for learning and grow as individuals. When I’m away from school, I enjoy cooking, reading and cheering on the Ducks with my husband and son.
Mrs. Sneath Mrs. Sneath

Room 5

4th Grade

Hello, my name is Erika Sneath. I love cats, coffee, and teaching! This year I have the privilege of teaching 4th grade. I am a teacher because I believe that every individual, regardless of age, can inspire themselves and others and change the world around us. When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing board games, getting outdoors, and adventuring around Portland with my husband. Here’s to a great year!
Mr. Wallace Mr. Wallace

Room 6

5th Grade


Hello, I am Mr. Wallace and this is my 4 th year at Lincoln Park Elementary. I love this school, I love our students and I love our families. Last year I taught P.E. but I am happy to let you all know that I am back in the classroom as a 5 th grade teacher.

David Douglas School District has been amazing to my family. My wife, Mrs. Wallace, teaches at Ventura Park and my mother in law taught at Lincoln and Floyd Light for 20 years. My most exciting news is that I am a new father. My wife and I welcomed Quincy into this world last November. If you ever need anything please stop by.

Mr. Crane Mr. Crane

Room 10

5th Grade

My name is Simon Crane but students know me as Mr. Crane. This is my 11th year at Lincoln Park where I have taught both second and third grades and am looking forward to 5th grade this year. I really love our school and our school community. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I have traveled to many states and countries but am proud to call Oregon home. I live in S.E. Portland with my wife Emily, and daughters Athena (8) and Elinor (5). I love teaching and spending my free time walking in the mountains with my family. We love it here in the great Northwest!
Mrs. McNeil Mrs. McNeil

Room 4

5th Grade



Hello Lions! I’m Abby McNeil. I currently teach 5th grade. This is my 14th year teaching and I thrive on the individual spirit and academic gains of my students. In past years, I have taught 1st and 2nd grades and served as School Improvement Coordinator. When I’m away from school, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, reading, gardening, and cooking.
Ms. Fagan Ms. Fagan

Room 9

5th Grade

Ms. Nutter Ms. Nutter

Room 27


Hello Lions! My name is Heidi Nutter and I am excited to be back for my second year as the Special Education teacher at Lincoln Park. I love helping students develop a passion for new discovery and growth. When I’m not at school I enjoy being outdoors hiking with my pups, skiing, snowboarding, traveling, and barbecuing with family and friends. I also love watching football with my grandma.


Mr. Womack Mr. Womack

Room 27C

Student Behavior Specialist

I believe in our kids.
I believe in our families.
I believe in our teachers.I am here to partner with you; to find the best way to make your child’s educational experience positive, safe, and memorable. Looking forward to seeing you all this year.
Ms. Frumkin Ms. Sarah Frumkin

Room 3

Title I

X 4504

My name is Ms. Frumkin and I have been a teacher at Lincoln Park for 17 years. I love working at this school and teaching kids how to read. When I’m not at school, I enjoy listening to music, reading, gardening, and playing outside with my family.
Mrs. Hall Mrs. Hall

Room 3

Title I

Hi! I’m Heather Hall and I’ve been teaching in the David Douglas School District for 9 years. I’ve taught both Third and Fourth grades. In my spare time I love to garden, read, camp and spend time with my husband and two daughters, Izzy (11) and Athena (9).
Mrs. Villalpando Mrs. Villalpando

Room 11


My name is Mrs. Villalpando. This is my eighth year teaching in the district and my 3rd at Lincoln Park. I have four adult children and three grandchildren and a husband I love dearly who I have been married to for 33 years.I love singing and teaching music. I love watching children put on their concert for their parents to watch. Each student will get to be in one concert per year. It is important that parents and family com to be supportive. Have a good year.
Principal Ceci De Valdenebro Ceci De Valdenebro


My name is Maria Cecilia de Valdenebro and I am honored and humble to be the new principal of Lincoln Park. Prior to being a principal I taught Kindergarten, first and second grade, and K-12 in my native Colombia.

Please feel free to stop by my office at any time. I will be more than happy to connect with you.

This school year, we will Persevere to succeed! Go lions!
Mi nombre es María Cecilia de Valdenebro y me siento muy honrada de ser la nueva directora de Lincoln Park. Antes de ser directora enseñé Kindergarten, primero y segundo grado, y trabajé con estudiantes y sus familias en mi Colombia natal.

Por favor, no dude en pasar por mi oficina en cualquier momento. Su visita será más que bienvenida.

¡Este año escolar, vamos a perseverar para triunfar!

Ms. Dodson Ms. Dodson


Physical Education

Hi! I’m Ms. Dodson your child’s physical education teacher. I have taught in the David Douglas School District for 17 years and excited for a new year at Lincoln Park!  I firmly believe that all students are special and posses a wide variety of talent and skills. It is my mission to help build a foundation for the love of physical fitness toward living a healthy lifestyle.
Ms. Snyder Ms. Snyder

Room 116

School Counselor

Hi! I’m Hannah Snyder, the counselor here at Lincoln Park. Our lions amaze me every day with their creativity, compassion and courage! I work with students, teachers and families to make sure Lincoln Park students are ready to learn – teaching classroom lessons, yoga in the hall, skill building and support groups, drying tears, giving high-fives, designing support plans, dressing up for spirit day, peer mentoring, boot camp, parent groups, camping with SUN –   a few of my favorite things. If you have academic, social or emotional concerns about your child, please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call!

You can find me on Remind by texting @lpcou to 81010

Ms. Roosevelt Ms. Roosevelt

Room 27



Hello! My name is Kristen Roosevelt and I have been a part of the Roaring Lions community for six years now. This year I am a Language Development Specialist at Lincoln Park and will be helping all students during their Language learning blocks. In the past I have worked as a third grade teacher at Lincoln Park and have also taught third and fourth grades in Richmond, California. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my family, playing soccer, or reading a good book.
Mrs. Oglseby Mrs. Oglseby

Room 27



My name is Lisa Oglesby. This is my ninth year at Lincoln Park where I have worked as a School Improvement Coordinator, and have taught second and third grade. This year I am switching roles and am serving as a Language Development Specialist. I am excited to work with our staff, students and families to support language needs. Prior to working at Lincoln Park I taught fifth grade for many years at West Powellhurst. During my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, reading, running and snowboarding.
Mrs. Allen Ms. Allen

Room 27B


Hello! My name is Annette Allen and I am a speech language pathologist. This is my 4th year at Lincoln Park. I help children with their communication skills- articulation, voice, fluency, and language. I love forming relationships with my students and watching them learn and grow. At home, I enjoy spending time with my children and our little dog.
Chloee Timmons Chloee Timmons



Hello! My name is Chloee Timmons and I am the SUN Site Manager at Lincoln Park.  This is my first year at Lincoln Park and I am so excited to spend time with your students after school! SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods- and it is my goal to foster positive growth both in our school community and our neighborhood community through afterschool programs, family and parent classes, community nights and special events!  When I’m not at school I love to spend time with my friends and family, play with my dog Reed and bake yummy treats!  If you or your student want to get involved in SUN, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!
Mrs. Seashore Mrs. Seashore

Student Achievement Specialist

Hello! My name is Kari Seashore and I am the Student Achievement Specialist (SAS) at Lincoln Park. I work closely with the amazing teachers here to implement our school improvement goals through instructional coaching and professional development. I also provide behavior support for students. This is my 9th year in the David Douglas School District and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this amazing learning community! When I am not at school, I enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with my husband and son Carter!

Ms. Jennie Ms. Jennie

Garden Coordinator

Hi, My name is Jennie Marable, and I am the Garden Coordinator at Lincoln Park. I’ve lived in many beautiful places, but I think I might be growing roots here in Oregon. I’ve been a teacher for 14 years, and a gardener my whole life! I began working for for Lincoln Park SUN in 2013, and I love planting, playing, and harvesting in our courtyard garden. I am very proud of what our students have created, and I am very lucky to be teaching them how to make our garden grow and grow. When I’m not digging in the school garden, I’m working alongside my husband and our twins on our garden at home, or reading a good book or 10. The best parts of my job are bringing children and mud and worms together, and learning all about gardening and eating around the world (and right here in Oregon) from my beautiful, brilliant student gardeners and their families. Please come and volunteer with me, share tips, swap seeds, or just admire what our students are growing!