Hybrid Information (CDL, too)

News & Events review of hybrid schedule, start/end times, backpack items, school lunches

Handbook for In-Person Instruction (Español)- please review this document and refer to it if you have questions!

4/14 – Change to David Douglas meal distribution.  Students will still take home meals on their hybrid days.  Meals will now be served (grab and go) between 8 am and 8:30 am.  On Friday, meals will be distributed at bus stops and schools during the lunch hour.  See Nutrition Services website for more information. Change effective 4/19.

It is almost time! Updates as of 4/1:

  • You can look up your bus routes here . You should have gotten a call on April 1st with your student(s)’ stop/time if they are taking the bus. To look up your bus stop, you will need your child’s login info (ID/PW).
  • School Meals: on a student’s Hybrid days, they can take home school meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for themselves and siblings at home (as long as they can reasonably carry them). By default, students will receive 2 days worth of meals (let your teacher know if you prefer just one day). For students at home, meals will be available to pick up at school during the lunch hour. Bus stop meals (and school sites) will be available on Fridays. For locations, times and additional information, see the nutrition services website.
  • Symptom Screening: before sending your child to school on their Hybrid days, please screen for COVID symptoms/contact (visual/text)
  • As you may have heard, our arrival and dismissal will look a little different. Here’s a video explanation: (see here if you prefer to go at your own pace [Español])

Please also review our hybrid expectations (or watch video) (Español)

We’re moving fast and furious around here. A few quick updates as of 3/18/21.

  • New start date for in-person instruction: April 5th
    • On 3/31 and 4/1, students will attend online from 9 am to 12 pm and do applied learning (asynchronous work) in the afternoon
    • 4/2 will be a “normal” Friday with a class meeting in the morning and applied learning the rest of the day.
    • Here is a calendar for folx like me who need to see it:

Sample schedules:

Arrival and Dismissal

  • All ARRIVALS will enter from 136th
    • Walkers and pick-ups will exit to Lincoln/132nd
    • Bus riders will exit to 136th
  • Stay tuned to this post, your digital classroom and teacher communication for more detailed procedures after the break.


Bus routes will be posted over spring break. Keep an eye on the district website/FB page and this post. Teachers will also share this information the week of March 29.

Hybrid Explanations

For all you visual and auditory learners, here is a video explaining how the new Hybrid model will work. If you haven’t already, please fill out your survey by this Sunday, 3/14.

English (slides)

Spanish (slides)



Please fill our the survey with your preferred option by Sunday 🥧 (and don’t forget to change your clocks)!