January: Resilience

Counselor Corner plant growing inside a burned-out stump

Our character trait of the month for January is RESILIENCE, the ability to recover or bounce back from adversity.

You can help your child develop resilience in many ways:

  • Strengthen your relationship (and provide opportunities for your child to develop a variety of healthy relationships)
    • Research shows that the single most important factor in overcoming childhood adversity is a stable and committed relationship with a parent, caregiver or other adult.
  • Model or tell stories of your own resilience or that shown by friends and family
    • Read books or watch movies/shows with themes of resilience
      • My favorite book: After the Fall, the story of how Humpty Dumpty got back up again
  • Note and celebrate resilience in your child/children
    • For example, if he or she gets back on a bike after falling and being afraid of riding again
  • Helping your child identify and navigate emotions
  • Encourage (and exhibit) a growth-mindset (the idea that someone can develop ability through hard work)
  • Celebrate your child’s strengths and talents!

Welcome back!

–Ms. Snyder