Lion’s Blog Hero Addition!

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Our Lion Bloggers share their  leaders and heroes at school and at home! 




Leadership Hero: Coach Mark Lee

 I meet this person by being a junior coach. He is helpful, fun to play with and he is hard working to make recess more fun for us to play. He also taught us how to be a better leader. Three thing I learn from him is to eat from other people tray. Another thing I learn is how to make recess more fun. The last thing I learn is that games are for boy and girl. I will bring his posters to show class. He inspire me to make recess more FUN.



Leadership Hero: Coach Lee

I meet him in a program called Junior Coach Training.  He also works at my school so thats another way I met him. 3 facts I know about him are he’s very trustworthy,he’s a loyal person, and finally he’s a great person. Three random things about him are.  He takes your leftover food  (-_-) (which is weird).        



My Dad

My Hero is my Dad because he teaches me how to play Football outside almost everyday. Also because my Dad and I (also my Mom)is because he drives us everywhere and keeps us safe. He is the best Dad in the world (Plus my Mom too).  My Dad and Mom are both Hard-Working People because my Mom works at Kaiser really hard. Also my Dad is working really hard to take care of my little brother.LOL



My leadership hero is my mom.

I know my mom because I grew up with her raising me.

Her qualities are that  she  teaches me new things,and she is works really hard.



My Cousin Bentley

My hero is my cousin Bentley.My cousin because he shows me to live my life in a fun and exiding way.He teaches me to be kind and nice to others also to help others.Hes a good person hes helpful for example he helps me with my home work.He injoys playing basketball.He injoys playing with me and my sister and me.Hes very active.



My Doctor

My hero is my  Doctor  and   Eye Doctor. When I was baby I was very sick. The helps me get so better .My Help eye get better.A lead is kind.They help people every day.They are  Boys. They Went to School . They are funny.  That I can do Everything.