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Winter term SUN Bloggers have been hard at work…

Take a look on what they have to say about SUN, school, and what kids should do over spring break! 



Things I would change if I ran SUN

If I could change the food at sun i’d say make streicher cheese and crunchier nachos.I think they should make chili sauce thats  actually spicy.  If I could eat any food here it would b mole not the animal mole the e is pronounced different. Its pronounced moleh.



Things you should do when you are off school  

1. Hiking

2.Play outside

3.Play sports

4.Go on a trip

         5.Play some video games

6.Write a story


Andy…interviewed a Lion Leader!


Lola the lion leader

 who is your teacher ? 009
 Mrs. Fotenos

 if you can have any pet what would it be?

 why do you think you are a LION LEADER?
“because she is responsible, solves problem, turn in homework on time, safe, respect,  and   I show my ROAR.

                                      what lion leader party do you want to have?
                                       party at OAKS PARK


AJ!… discussed his upcoming break plans


I do not know what i am going to do on my days off but maby i will do phone releated things  like well play games or check my email or check my voice mail or i could do some archery. Or I could watch tv or draw like a boss! or i could you want to build a sno…. never mind


Ahseanique…gave her opinions on blogging!


A blog is a online internet thing that people post of what they are eating,cooking,doing,and playing.

Blogs can help people who write them because if someone is a loner somewhere since a blog is on the internet someone in another country who doesn’t know about them will be their friends.And if someone is feeling sad and they’re just scrolling around on their phone or computer and someone posts something funny they would laugh and not be sad (depends on why they’re sad.) If I could blog about anything I would blog about what basketball games I won, or what I am doing during vacations from school.

I have many ideas like,Who are the new lion leaders,or I would blog about who past type to learn,And another thing I would post is what we are eating at sun dinner,And last but not least the final thing I would post is what we are going to eat at lunch.Well the time has  come to say goodbye…


Brisa…has some questions for our teachers!

Questions for… TEACHERS

what is your favorite thing about teaching?

If you could eat anything for the rest of your life what would it be?

What school did you go to in college? (How many years)

And the last question what will you do when you stop working?












Pyu Nay!




Keep an eye out for next week, when our bloggers talk about their HEROES!!!!!