National School Counseling Week (Feb 2-6)

Counselor Corner I Love Being A School Counselor

I love my job.  Thanks for being so awesome!

Seriously, friends – from the smiles coming into the building until the high fives on the way out, my day is pretty great.  Sure, there are sometimes tears and jeers, but for the most part, I see students striving and thriving. Plus, I get to do yoga in the hall, run laps, make crafty projects, play with puppets, and read stories with my friends!

As the counselor, I have the privilege of visiting all the grades, working with whole classes, small groups and individual students. When I see students use the skills we’ve practiced together, it warms the cockles of my heart. It is truly amazing to see how students grow!  The students who were in kindergarten when I started here at Lincoln Park are now serious third graders, getting ready to explode (in the best possible way) into the intermediate grades.

Lincoln Park Lions and their families are amazing!  I look forward to seeing what new adventures we’ll have in the months and years to come…