R E S P E C T !

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November is all about respect, our character trait of the month.  In our classrooms and our hallways, we show respect every day, but we take time this month every year to talk about what respect means.

  • Treating others they way they’d like to be treated
  • Listen with your ears, brain and heart
  • Use kind words
  • Remember your mannersRespect
  • Stand up against bullying

Another way to think about respect is:

  • Respect
  • Each other
  • Self
  • Property
  • Environment
  • Community
  • The Earth

And here is a fun video put together by another group of lions 😉 RESPECT rap

We’ll celebrate our respect  for our school and each other on Friday, November 20th by dressing our best!

Fancy Pants

Students can wear their party clothes, favorite outfits, national costume – whatever they’d like to dress to impress!