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Check out what our incoming fourth, fifth and Lincoln Park Graduates have to say about water! They have articles showcasing their learning on the importance of water in your body, water for plants and water sources. 


Why Water is Important?

By Adaly

Water is important because it helps you to clean dishes and cups. It also helps your body to be safe and hydrated.

Did you know that you are made of water? I learned that the body is made of 60% water! One way to use water to stay safe is to wash your hands to keep the germs off. Water can cool you down on hot days. You can sweat water out and when it evaporates, it cools you down! Another way to use water to stay safe is to drink water because it helps you body filter waste out of the blood. I learned that the kidneys are organs that filter waste using tiny structures called enthrones.

In conclusion, we use water for washing dishes and cups. It helps your body be safe and keeps you hydrated. But remember to share water.


Water Pollution

By Amin

Water is getting scarce because of pollution. Pollution is making the water dirty and makes people sick. Water pollution is a big problem on a lot of continents.

Water in some places is not clean and it’s polluted so it makes you sick if you drink it. Pollution makes people sick in other ways. According to paragraph 2, people like running the water, they dump waste outside their houses filled with bacteria, and that waste goes in rivers and streams.

I learned that half the world hospital beds contain people sick from drinking dirty water. In the article, people use this polluted water for drinking, cooking, and washing themselves. I also learned that unclean drinking water causes half the deaths in Haiti. According to the article, an earthquake in 2010 broke the wells and water pipes there, making freshwater even harder to find. The author said, in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, seven out of ten people do not have freshwater to drink.

I learned that in South America people have been dumping chemicals into the Amazon River so this is another example of pollution. The author said many people walk for miles and miles to find clean water. People are making rivers and lakes polluted so it’s dirty and we can’t drink it. The Earth’s freshwater is only 3% of all the water on the planet.

Water is becoming a way to spread disease because people are polluting the water and it makes people sick. The growth of cities makes less water for the world because more people are using water. I learned that water supply would be short if people keep on polluting these rivers.

Soon water will be gone from pollution or heat. People are dying because of this polluted water and that’s a big problem.




By Amissi

If you didn’t have any water in your body you would probably be in big danger. In this short article I will be telling to you why water is so important in your body and why you cant live without water.

Your body is made of 70% water. It’s very important for your body to get water, as much as 8 cups of water a day. If don’t restore your body’s water you might get dehydrated and you might get headache. Your body can only last seven days without water. If you sweat a lot you should probably get more water into your body.

If you have clean water that is easy for you to get, you should be thankful because not all people have clean water and some people don’t even have that much water. Water is starting to get very hard to get. Some of the water on Earth is getting very polluted and when water is polluted you can’t drink it any more. If you drink polluted water you will probably get really sick.

If your body is made of 70 percent water. You might think water has a very important job. Well, if you thought of that, then you’re right! The water in your body helps keep you alive. One thing it does is protect your organs, by giving them another layer of protection. The other reason why your body needs so much water is that it helps you sweat. Sweating is very important because it gets some of the waste out and at the same time it’s controlling your body temperature. Water helps your kidneys filter out the waste and nutrients.



Did You know That Freshwater is Becoming Scarce?

By Ariana

            According to what water is worth by John Perritano, in 2050 1/3 of the world’s population may face serious water shortages as a result of climate change. Also 1.1 billion people, almost 1 in every 6 people in the world don’t have enough freshwater to drink. But only 3% of the Earth is made of water

A big earthquake happened in Haiti in2010 and damaged wells and water pipes making water even scarcer. I learned that the Amazon River is getting polluted because people are putting chemicals in the river, which is located in South America. This is called pollution because pollution means the act of putting harmful substances into air, water, or soil. When people dump something harmful into the river and then people go drink some of the water, it can make them sick.

Here are some ways you can help water from becoming scarce: you can turn off the water when you are not using the water. For example, when you are brushing your teeth, washing your dishes, or washing your hands turn the water off when you are not using it. Another way you can help keep water from becoming scarce is taking shorter baths or showers. Turn off the hose when you are not using it like maybe when you are washing the car or watering the plants. You can also buy old and already used clothing instead of new clothes. Did you know that to dye or make your clothes colorful you have to have GIANT tubs of water mixed with dye. A good idea is to go to Goodwill or other donation stores and get already made clothes so we don’t have to use any more tubs of water.

Water is becoming scarce. You can help to keep it from becoming even scarcer by turning off the hose or faucet if you are not using it, take shorter bathes and showers and to buy your clothes at donation centers to make sure you are keeping the Earth safe!


How Do Plants Use Water?

By Brian

Plants use water in different ways. Plants can use water to help them stay hydrated, to make food, and for cooling down. Also water helps plants to bring in carbon dioxide.

People only have 60% water in their body, but plants are made of 90% water. When plants are not watered they start to wilt. This is because of turgor, which is pressure inside the cells that make the plant’s skeleton strong. Plants also use photosynthesis to help create food in their leaves. there are little openings in the plant’s leaves called stomata. Transpiration is when water exchange from the plant and let carbon dioxide in the plant. This process is like when we sweat, so it helps the plants stay cool like how sweating helps us stay cool.

In conclusion water helps plants in different ways. It helps them create food, to not wilt and to stay cool.



How Do Plants Use Water?

By Christian


When we got a bean to put under ground to put water when they grow in sunny day.



The Worth of Water

By Gerardo

There is not much water everywhere. There is only 3% of freshwater in the whole world and it is locked up. Freshwater is trapped under ground, in glaciers, and polar ice caps.

Water is scarce in many places so the water that is available is not good. If you drink polluted water you can get sick. You get sick because it is filled with bad bacteria or chemicals like oil, so you will get sick. In the article, it said that half the world’s hospital beds contain patients sick from drinking unclean water. Water is becoming scarce because the water is polluted. Freshwater is trapped underground and people can have a hard time finding it.

People should check were they looking for water because the water might be polluted.



Why is Water Important?

By Gladys

Water is SO important because we use water for washing dishes, drinking, and watering plants, showers, cooking and doing laundry. We use water for everything!

Did you know water is becoming more precious than oil and gold? Some countries don’t have enough water for everyone because the water is unclean. In these places like Africa and Haiti, water is becoming scarce! Also, rich countries can face serious water shortages because, rich countries use more water. Even in the United States, right now there is a drought in California. Only 3 percent of Earth’s water is fresh! Fresh water is located in, lakes, rivers and swamps. In Haiti, 2010, a huge earthquake damaged wells and water pipes. Now they have unclean water making it harder to look for clean water. There water is becoming scarce. Lots of people in Haiti get sick because of unclean water.

In conclusion, we use water for lots of stuff like washing dishes, drinking, watering plants, and showers cooking, and brushing our teeth. Please remember to save water because water is important.



Water in the Body

By Grace

Did you know that water is in us? We are 60 percent water. People should drink 6 water bottles a day. If we drink to much water, you can flush out the nutrients in your body.

Water helps the body to break down food. We can start with the saliva in your mouth. It helps to break apart the food when you chew! Water also helps to keep your throat moist so your food can go down easier. Then food goes to the stomach. Here the food is made it in to little bit by juices of stomach then it squeezes. When it is done. Then it goes through your intestines, Then through excretory system. Which is your kidneys, bladder and urethra. Your pee is the bad stuff like junk food. Then you go to the bathroom.

In conclusion we need a lot of water. Not too much ok.



Water In The Plant

By Katrina


Did you know that plants need more water than plant food (fertilizer)? “And do you know that we have our blood cells but plants have their own plant cells too”!

The same as a flower and a human: for a flower when they have a lot of water it will be strong and very tough to bend like it’s stiff. If the plant does not have enough water, then the plant will wilt and be sad and poor starving with the boring color brown. Now you are thinking of something… how does a plant suck up all the water from dirt or soil to the plant? The roots help it suck the water. The roots are like straws! When you water the plant then the water sinks though the soil or dirt then goes in the root, and the root suck up the water like straws. Water goes up to the plant, then time goes by the plant will grow happily! What happens when the plant dies? First of all the plant will be very dry and think where is my food!? Than it will get staving and will wilt in a few hours or days. It will be sad and very lonely.

In the article I read “Photosynthesis is what plants do to create their food, and water is critical to this process. Water enters a plant’s stem and travels up to its leaves, which is where photosynthesis actually takes its place. Once in the leaves water evaporates, as the plant exchanges water, for carbon dioxide.” I leaned that this process is called transpiration, and it happens though tiny openings in a leaf called stomata.” The writer said “Plants need water for photosynthesis.”

Fun Fact: I read that when water evaporates for a plant during transpiration it cools the plant, in the same way the humans sweat to cool off the heat.



Freshwater is Becoming Scarce

By Tran

Do you know the water you drink is not everywhere in the world? There are a lot of reasons, but I am only going to tell you 3 reasons. The first reason is that in South America, people have been dumping harmful chemical into the Amazon River where most people or animals get water because it a big river. The next reason is the water from oceans is salt water that you can’t drink. The last reason is most of the water got pollution in them like the Amazon River. Also, Haiti one of the poorest countries in the world, have a little bit of freshwater after a huge earthquake in 2010. The island of Singapore is seeing if they can clean their wastewater like from washing dishes, flushing toilets, and taking baths and showers.

1.1 billion people or more are getting sick from drinking unclean water. Maybe you think where do we get freshwater? I going to tell you where we get freshwater! Well, a lot of the Earth’s water is salt water, but only 3 percent of the Earth water is freshwater. The fresh water is locked up in polar ice caps or glaciers or it is in underground layers of rock and we have team of workers who go there and put the water in the water bottle that you get from the in store.

Here are 4 facts you can do to help save water. The first fact is that you can pick up garbage near lakes or oceans. The next fact is that turn off the hose when washing the family car. You can also take shorter showers or you can use less water when you taking a bath. Now the last fact is that you can reuse old stuff instead of buying new stuff.

Now you know not every country has fresh water.



Why Water is Important to Plants          

By Leslie


Water is important to plants just like it is important to you. Plants need water to grow, too.

Water holds the pressure inside the cells of each plant. This is called turgor! If you give the plants water, air and sunlight the process the plant will use to help it grow and create its own food is called photosynthesis. Plants also use water to cool down. When water evaporates from the plant’s tiny openings called stomata, the plant stays cool. The plants also exchange carbon dioxide when the water leaves the stomata.

In conclusion plants need water just like you to stay cool! They also use it to create their own food.




By Rondarion

            Plants use water like we do! They use it to cool off. They also use it to create their food.

Photosynthesis is the process plants use to create their food. The water enters a plant’s roots and travels up the stem to its leaves. As you can see the water travels from one place to another, at leaves water evaporates. The plant exchanges water for carbon dioxide and this is called transpiration. I read that the water from the leaves evaporates through the stomata, and carbon dioxide enters the stomata taking the waters place. This helps the plant because it cools the plant down. This is just like when humans sweat to cool down. In the article I also read that a mature houseplant can transpire its body weight daily. This means it gives off a lot of water! If people needed that much water, an adult would drink 20 gallons of water a day.



How Plants Use Water?

By Rondarius


Most people know that plants use water to grow.

Plants need water so they can grow bigger every day. Plants use their roots like straws to suck up the water. Then the water does up the stem to the leaves and the plants use this water to make food. Plants help people breath in oxygen because plants can breath carbon dioxide and they breath out oxygen when they make food.


Water in the Body

 By Sydney 

            Water is important in the body! It helps the body with digestion, respiration and cooling.

It helps your kidneys and liver to digest your food, getting rid of waste and it cleans your blood. Water helps break down your food easier. Urine is the liquid that passes through the bladder. In each of your kidneys they have millions of nephrons. Kidneys are organs that filter waste out of the body. Urine is liquid that is left. Some of the filtered water and is reabsorbed and returns to the body .To supply water to person in order to restore or maintain a balance of fluids.

The excretory systems job is not just to clean up it must also keep your body in balance! To keep you healthy, it must keep all of the internal conditions such as temperature, water content, and substances in your blood at proper levels. The process of keeping all these things in balance is called Homeostasis.

Water also helps you get oxygen into your blood. Your lungs are lined in water and water helps you breath. Your body sweats water it called excretion the process of removing waste from the body.



Pollution’s Impact

By Synge

Water pollution is a huge problem on many continents.

In What is Water Worth, I learned that the Amazon River has been poisoned by harmful chemicals being dumped in it. In Haiti, water has gotten scarce. In the article I read “People use the water in these polluted waterways for drinking, cooking, and bathing.” Many people have died from drinking unclean water and die from thirst. The article says “Research shows that half the world’s hospital beds contain patients sick from drinking unclean water.” It is very hard to find clean water for many people. In the article it says “In other poor areas where freshwater often goes untreated, pollution makes people sick in other ways.”

Some people are lucky to have freshwater because many people have unclean water.



 Water Inside the Plants

By Yolotzin

Did you know that kids and adults are 60% water! Plants are about 90% water. All living things need water because life is requires a lot of chemical reactions. And all living things need water so they can stay alive. Actually plants are living things and plants need much more water then many other living things because they have to make their own food!

Water enters a plant’s roots and travels up the stem to its leaves where photosynthesis takes place. Photosynthesis is what plants do to create their own food. The roots suck up the water it brings up to the leaf. The stomata are the little holes in the leaves that let water leave and let carbon dioxide in.


Fun Facts: I read that plants grow up out the water and it often forms thick beds in the water’s edge. Amazon Giant floating leaves of the Amazon Lilies can reach more then 6 ft or 2m in diameter. Flexible stalks attach to the muddy under ground of the lilies and the the flowers bloom to 2ft or about 60cm tall.


In conclusion water is very important to plants like it is important to humans.