Test to Stay

News & Events mask-wearing adult administers nasal swab to child outside a school building

Hello families,

Lincoln Park Elementary is pleased to announce that our school will be inviting you to participate in a COVID-19 “Test to Stay” program. We will use the “Test to Stay” protocols in any situation where we find that your child has been exposed to COVID-19 at school. This is a great opportunity to ensure students aren’t unnecessarily asked to quarantine. We know the impact missing school can have on your child’s academic achievement, and we are hoping this program minimizes that impact to ensure your child can stay in school and learn. 

For unvaccinated students: By consenting to have your child tested on-site if needed, we are hoping to reduce the need for students to quarantine at home, missing valuable school time. 

For vaccinated students: It is important to remember that if your child is fully vaccinated and exposed to COVID-19, they do not have to quarantine or be tested unless they begin exhibiting symptoms. 

Please see the following documents that explain the process in more detail:

Test to Stay for Parents and Families / Protocolo de Test to Stay

If you would like your student to participate in the “Test to Stay” program, please fill out the consent form. A paper copy will be sent in your child’s Wednesday folder on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022. While we will contact you in the event that your child is exposed, having the consent form on file will make the testing process go more quickly.

You will also find an electronic copy linked here:

COVID-19 Testing Consent Form

Thank you for your partnership and support in keeping our students safe and in school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please feel free to contact the main office if you have any further questions.