Virtual Open House

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Hello, Lions! While we wish we could all be chatting in classrooms and having ice cream on the playground, in order to keep us all safe, we are having a virtual open house this year. Here is how it will work:

  • At your leisure, watch your student’s grade level video – you’ll get a chance to learn about what kindergarten or 4th grade will look like this year and meet the staff who will be working with your student.
    • (This is like when all the teachers introduce themselves in the cafeteria…)
  • Want to have a conversation and get to know some of the other students and families in your child’s class? Join their teacher’s Meet & Greet! (see schedule or links below)
    • (This is like when you go visit teachers in their classrooms….)
  • The playing (and ice cream, sorry) will be up to you! I certainly hope that our air quality will improve soon so we all can get outside, but in until then, maybe a Yoga Adventure?

Welcome Back Parade!

Please join us at 2:30 on Friday, September 25th for a Welcome Back Parade (see link for details). Can’t wait to see you! ❤️🦁❤️


Meet & Greet: Monday, 9/14 at 5:00 pm


First Grade

  • Meet & Greet: Tuesday 9/15, 5:30 PM

Second Grade

  • Meet and Greet: Wednesday, 9/16 at 5:00 pm

Third Grade

4th Grade

  • Meet & Greet: Thursday, 9/17 at 5:00 pm

5th Grade

Office & Specialists

Ms. Ceci & Specialists’ Welcome

Slides from Video