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sun_kicking_blueSUN SPOTLIGHT!

Welcome Green Team SUN Bloggers! This is the awesome part of our blog where we spotlight what other classes are up to in SUN. Or maybe, we spotlight some AWESOME SUN EVENTS! Who knows!? It’s really up to us! For example: This week the Lincoln Park Elementary SUN Bloggers met for the first time and are already collaborating to make a fantastic blog that gives a face and a voice to the SUN Program at Lincoln Park Elementary. This is our space, and we are so excited to share our Blog with the ENTIRE DAVID DOUGLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT. Ms. Kayla hopes that as a class we can come together and learn awesome blogging skills and share our creativity with others! Get excited for some sweet games and activities, and awesome CELEBRATIONS every time we publish a blog! Written by: Kayla Paul


Teacher/ Student Feature

Here is where we get to feature a student/teacher of the week! We get to interview someone from SUN that we want to know more about and then share their stories with the whole David Douglas Community! Make sure to pick someone new each week and come up with exciting/interesting questions that give people something exciting to read. And our photographers of the week will get some silly/fun photos to add to this section of the blog!

Ms. Kayla

553190_10153426535985285_728101757_n Ms. Kayla is the new AmeriCorps Member here at the SUN program. She hangs out in the SUN room all day, helping plan fantastic community events and her SUN classes. She is brand new to Portland and will be here all school year. She is SO excited to explore Portland and get to know the Lincoln Park Elementary community! Here is a little sample interview: Describe your favorite place to visit: My favorite place to visit is Colorado! I lived there for a year and I love the mountains. Hiking and camping in the Rockie Mountains is one of the coolest things I have ever done! Describe your favorite dessert: I LOVE frozen yogurt. So, salted caramel frozen yogurt with even more caramel and sprinkles is my go-to dessert! What are you excited for in SUN this year? I am excited to meet all of the awesome SUN participants this year and teach some really cool classes. I have a wellness class, a garden class, and a blog class that I think will be tons of fun! Describe your perfect weekend: My perfect weekend involves spending quality time on Saturday with my friend hiking and eating some tasty Vegan food. Then, vegging out on the couch on Sunday with a good book! Written By: Kayla Paul

Opinion/Story/Cartoon/ Picture Section

This section of our blog is totally up to YOU! It’s our class’s space, and we get to choose whatever we want to put here. We can share our opinions on events/topics, stories we have written, cartoons we have drawn, or cool pictures we have taken! Example: Various photos of Ms. Kayla’s adventures 295673_10151396582406105_379166200_n 10355841_10153033899765995_5674853841106884768_n